About Stealth Global Holdings

An Australian multinational distribution group headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. The group operates a fully connected network in Australia, United Kingdom and Africa as its primary markets and other select international markets based on strategic activities.


Distribution Business Model

Through an omnichannel approach, we are a one-stop-shop for essential everyday items and total supply chain activities, underpinned by sales specialists, physical store network, fulfillment services, distribution centres, eCommerce and strong marketing, content and advertising programs to business customers (B2B) and to retail consumers (B2C).


Our Range of Product Brands

As a supplier and distributor, we offer an assortment of essential everyday items in the categories of safety/PPE, industrial/MRO, workplace, print and promotional, retail, healthcare, cleaning and hygiene, hardware, building and construction and general merchandise.


We Serve All Types of Customers and Industries (Business and Retail)

With more than 3,000 business customers, large to small, we provide customers with purchasing options and fulfillment solutions that are necessary in their everyday requirements.

The variety of industry sectors we cater for is vast, such as, Resources, Industrial, Infrastructure, Transportation, Engineering, Manufacturing, Building, Construction, Government, Contractors, Trade, General Industry and Retail customer markets.

Customers place orders online, on mobile devices, through sales representatives, account managers, over the phone, by email, at local branches, affiliates trade stores and retail outlets. We plan to expand our products to retail customers via a combination of eCommerce, instore and onsite models.


Our Suppliers

We source from more than 1,500 suppliers across 19 countries, providing access to more than 300,000 product items. Approximately 40,000 are stocked in our distribution centres, branch network and at affiliates trade and retail stores. Stock availability with certainty of supply is essential to meet customer demand.



Our Operating Brands