Value Proposition

As a supplier and distributer, we offer a vast assortment of products to support customers with purchasing options and solutions that are important in the operation of their business.

We have diversity across our distribution portfolio, customer types, geography, brands and infrastructure connecting our customers with our products across multiple sales channels.

“Our actions are value creating to set up Stealth for future success. We take a long-term orientated view that will deliver shareholder value and benefit”



Our aim is to create Australia’s leading multinational distribution group offering a vast selection of everyday consumable products and supply chain solutions to business customers (B2B) and to retail consumers (B2C) in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and other select International markets.



An omnichannel strategy providing a one-stop-shop for essential everyday items and total supply chain activities, underpinned by sales specialists, physical store network, fulfillment services, distribution centres, eCommerce and strong marketing, content and advertising programs to serve customers and industry sectors of all types and sizes.